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Are you tired of creating headdress or do you just want to change your image ? Then dreads seem to be a good idea. During one day we can guarantee half an year assurance for made hair-style. You can choose the size of dreads, which you like, from small and thin over thick "papa-dreads". The most important thing which is needed to know and remember is that by the time the dreads become more high-quality. The longer wearing dreads the better they are.

Which type of hair should I have to get dreads ?

Everyone can have dreads. When you have straight, fine hair, we usually recommend smaller and thinner dreads, because you can get them more. Curly hair is the best for making dreads because they tangle up during one day when you don't comb the hair out.

Will I have to shave my head if I don't want them any longer ?

No, you don't have to. It is possible to have a haircut and then with conditioner we can save the hair on your head.

Can I wash the hair when I have dreads ?

Yes, yes, yes. Many people got an impression thet dreads are dirty. They can be if you want them to be dirty. The main thing is not to wash them too much during the first month, because you will give them time to "lock" into dread. You can wash them after the first month. We recommend to use the herbal shampoo ( nettle or birch shampoo ) without conditioner. Conditioner causes that dreads can be unplaited. The most important thing with shampoo is washing off, washing off and washing off, otherwise the shampoo will stayi in dreads and on skin and causes itching and rash while you think you have scurf. Very dirty dreads can be washed easily by stream of water when you unscrew a shower. The idea to wash the hair in vinegar bath is not well-tried, we are afraid of bad smell. If you try it, please write an e-mail to us !

How to keep the dreads up ?

If you want to have a perfect and well-looking dreads, you have to keep them up. Every few months you can come for reparation of "sick" dreads. we have all necessary for repairing the hair-style and we help new hair to get into dreads. The hair-style will be safeguarded againts damage. We ask customers in order not to clip released hair off, because we can braid them back into dread. For dread is each hair good ! Why should we narrow dreads unnecessarily ?

As far as concerns polishing of dread, we don't agree with that ! Dreads become a pudding stone of dirt. It is better when they stay clean.

What to do if I don't have enough hair for dreads ?

If you don't have enough hair or you have fine hair, we can use an imitation hair ( in your natural tone or other tones ), so you will look like you have enough own dreads.

Can I colour dreads?

You can colour or discolour dreads as well as your own hair. After discoloration is very important to wash peroxide properly !!! It is damned chemistry and surly you don't want it in your dreads so make it it a point to remove peroxide from dreads or just come !

Can I wash my hair before making dreads?

Yes, but use a herbal shampoo without conditioner. If you don't have it,nevermind, we have that on store. You can come.