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Rasta - hairlocks


Rasta are a good choice for people who have enough hair and for people who don`t want to have a fixed hair-style. They are also suitable for people who have already short hair and want to have a longer hair again. It is better to get rasta, than wear a hat two months. You will be suprised how quickly your hair will grow, when you remove rasta. By braiding rasta we can create a hair-style of any colour combinations, from natural appearance over an extrem as well as dread.

Which kind of rasta should I have ?

You can choose normal stylish rasta braiding in chessboard or in ranges, ending by various way or rasta which are braided toward head in thicker rasta. It doesn`t set bounds to fantasy.

If is a lenght of your hair approximately 10 cm, you can have whatever you want. Rasta can be waist-high, shoulder-lenght or just few centimeters. You can choose from thin to thick rasta. Just remember the thinner and longer rasta are the longer time is sitting on a chair.

How to care of rasta ?

The good thing about rasta is their unpretentiousness. But there is an attention ! Frequent washing causes fuzziness ( creeping hair out of rasta ), so they don`t look elegantely and neatly. The shampoo should be herbal again so as not to be loosen rasta up.

How long the hair-style stay like that ?

Rasta has been keeping like that max. for six months, when they are grown out they have to be removed and braid a new one or the bulls re-make in dreads and let them grow like dreads. In this case is lenght of hair unlimited.

Can the hair be lost ?

After dissolution of rasta you can comb out the released hair during the period when you had rasta and you could not comb them out. After aplication of conditioner is possible with a bit patience to tease tangled hair out. If you don`t have a patience, you can come. Apart from you have new hair-style for feww days afro which will disappear after several washing off.